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Hello everyone! I’m Jaynellen Stokes and I am from Thorndale, a small town in central Texas. I am a recent graduate of Texas Lutheran University and I will be spending the next two years in the West African country of Benin serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer. For those of you who would like to keep up with me during my PC service, there is a link to my blog in the update section. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at Au revoir!


12/27/2013 -- I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! I spent Christmas with a few friends in Benin! It was so great being with them, but I definitely missed my family Christmas. I am starting a few cool projects in Agoua, a Women's Health Group and a Girls Soccer Team! If you want to know any information about these or other potential projects I'm thinking about doing, feel free to email me!



12/05/2013 -- Creative Cuisine: Mealtime for PCVs... Link.



11/08/2013 -- The Emotional Roller Coaster they call Peace Corps... Link.



09/26/2013 -- “Yovo Yovo Bonsoir”... Link.



09/26/2013 -- The Day-to-Day Adventures of a PCV in Benin... Link.



09/26/2013 -- Patience is a Virtue... Link.



09/23/2013 -- Just Remember “You eat an elephant one bite at a time”... Link.



09/22/2013 -- Had a great first week in the village! I am all settled in! If you want to send any letters or packages my way, my address is:


Jaynellen Stokes

BP 94

Bante, Benin

West Africa



09/13/2013 -- We had the Swear-In Ceremony at the United States Ambassador's residence today! Leave for my post (Agoua, Collines, Benin) on Sunday!



09/12/2013 -- Received intermediate-high on my french language interview (the required level for Swear-In)!!



06/13/2013 -- So here begins my first blog of my Peace Corps experience... Link.



06/10/2013 -- Hey y'all! My first blog will be up soon. I will put the link here, so keep checking. Thanks!